(FS) Sprachkurs „Medical English“

Wir freuen uns, dass das Sprachenzentrum der UBT auch im Sommersemester wieder den Sprachkurs „Medical English“ anbieten wird! 

Kursbeginn am 23. April 2024
Klausur in Präsenz am 16. Juli
Di 18-19:30 online

Anmeldung per formlose Email an Mary.Redmond@uni-bayreuth.de

Kursleiterin: Harriet Hahn Harriet.Hahn@uni-bayreuth.de (approbierte Ärztin/Promovierende an der Universität Mainz)

Voraussetzungen: Englischkenntnisse auf Niveau B2

Medical English will focus primarily on communication exercises, expanding medical vocabulary and the verbal skills required for everyday life in the medical field in English speaking countries. Lessons on understanding articles from leading medical journals as well as on writing medical papers will also be included. You will also learn about different health care systems in English speaking countries. This course is the perfect support for your study or internships abroad. In a more and more globalized world being able to communicate with your patient in a universal language is a necessity.

Viel Spaß und neue Fähigkeiten!